The Colt Double Eagle Series 90


Colt shared this picture last night and got me thinking about the Double Eagle again. The Double Eagle in the photo being a 10MM variant. A very homely lass. You can see a lot of 1980s era DA/SA handgun looks in its design. It was not a comfortable handgun to shoot. Trigger was awful like most DA triggers, in my opinion anyway, and it was redesign of the 1911 in a way that didn’t improve but made it into an abomination.

The Double Eagle was Colt’s first commercially released double action semi auto. Brought out in 1989 to compete with the popular DA/SA pistols of the day made by Ruger and S&W , SIG etc.

You can see the Ron Smith designed double action parts above.

The FBI even tested the DA in 10MM back when they were still fooling around with the idea of the 10MM as their service round. You can see this prototype below.

Produced by Colt for the Federal Bureau of Investigation during their period of experimentation with the 10 MM Automatic cartridge, this pistol was returned to Colt after the Bureau was finished, and retained for historical value. Equipped with a set of 3-dot Trijicon night sight, the slide bears the standard markings with the two line address and “X” prefix experimental serial number on the right side of the frame. Grips are checkered plastic, with a polished trigger and serrated ring trigger. With the original box and factory letter, which confirms the features and status as a prototype weapon.

That didn’t pan out. The Double Eagle didn’t pan out much at all really and was discontinued in 1998. No great loss.


  1. Colt DE QC was mia… my ossifer’s had a vug in the face of the trigger, the front sight took off for parts unknown- and the sucker is HEAVY. i installed a washer to reduce side slip of the trigger. intended to grind off some of the excrescence on the trigger guard… may get to it yet.

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