NYC Returns To The 1970s


New York is a great place. Much culture and rich diversity.

A 26-year-old man had just gotten off a bus from Atlanta when he was attacked by a group of about a dozen suspects who beat him, cut him several times and stole his clothes, including his underwear, cops said Sunday.

White nationalists perhaps? The article doesn’t say. Coulter rule! Of course, we know from watching the video. It’s a concerted attack by a gang diversity. 

The group of males and females began assaulting the victim around 11:30 a.m. Friday near Canal and Allen streets in Manhattan, cutting him with an unknown object, police said. 

Police released video of the suspects and are seeking witnesses. The attackers took the man’s cellphone and removed his pants, underwear and shoes.  Because of course they did.

“They attacked him as soon as he got off the bus from Atlanta,” a police source said.

The man, who is from Brooklyn, suffered four slash wounds to his torso, two to his head and one to his hand after getting off the bus from the Peach State, cops said. The group fled in three vehicles — a van and two sedans. 

Hopefully the video will help the police find the gang so they can arrest them and then immediately release them back onto the street thanks to the NY no bail law.


  1. There was a small kid that came running up to him too. I don’t know if he was with the guy or there to help take part in the stomping.

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