The Unifying Started in Tacoma Over The Weekend


Another exciting night in Tacoma last night. Not that you are going to hear about it on the mainstream media.

Antifa anarchists in Tacoma, Washington set fires and vandalized buildings on Sunday after a video of a police officer plowing through a crowd of illegal street racers went viral over the weekend.

Videos of the mayhem were all over Twitter Sunday night, as hundreds of people took to the streets near the incident – damaging at least two police cars and forcing several city buildings to be evacuated, according to the NY Post.

Protesters are planning on this being a nightly thing. I think they should. Every night of the year. I’m sure they will be free to loot and destroy as long as they stay away from DC.


  1. The knock down power of an SUV is far superior to any bullet. I hope to see more of this in the future as people swarming police ir other vehicles learn about the danger of playing on the road.


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