New Video from Federal, CCI, Speer – Where are the primers?


Nothing most of you with a brain couldn’t already guess in here.


  1. I mean I get that it takes time to expand the industrial capacity, but shortages of ammo have been happening regularly since 2012. Basically once every 2 years you have a 2 year period where the market will buy all the ammo you produce at elevated prices.
    Doesn’t seem smart not to capitalize on that. Hell, you could even pay the storage costs until the next panic and then dump all your stocks in those scam 20 round boxes with 9mm at $2 per round.

  2. Vic, I completely concur. I understand the gun industry is hesitant to chase election results but there comes a time when you need to admit that this is the new normal. It bears mention that they’re presently selling firearms at more than the rate of any two years before Obama was immaculated COMBINED.

    I think what they’re failing to realize is that the overwhelming majority of gun owners aren’t willing to invest the time and attention necessary to hunt up sources of resupply in this climate. So I contend that there are many people who come from traditional “gun-owning” families but who have forsaken hunting and or sport shooting for the simple fact that it’s got too involved to try to keep ammunition on hand to support shooting in the volume to which they are accustomed. Which is bound to have a chilling effect on the firearm as a family tradition.

    What’s the point of giving little Timmy a 10/22 for his 14th birthday if all you can find to give him with it is a single box of cartridges, and you have no idea when you might be able to have more? And is there any recovering from it once families have begun to forsake the tradition of gun ownership? So although the ammo manufacturers fear what might happen three years from now if they spend the big bucks to build a new factory now, what they should be worrying about instead the the decline of gun culture in general (that we might never recover from) if they don’t build manufacturing capacity NOW to staunch the bleeding.

    Bottom line, I would argue that their failing to respond positively to this crisis (and it IS a crisis) is killing gun culture. And they should fear the consequence of that that means 20 years from now more than they fear the consequence of having excess manufacturing capacity in another four years.

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