SOG Mission Gear List


Friend and SOG Recon Vet ,Schofield Steven shares what he carried on missions.

What I carried when on a SOG/CCN, hatchet force BDA in Laos, May 1968. I weighed 140 lbs.

Weapon- AR-15 with one 18 rd. magazine

Web gear:Pistol belt and suspenders with battle dressings taped inside for a cushion 28 loaded magazines in 4 canteen covers

Knives- 1 demo knife around neck with compass, Puma, white hunter, sheath knife2 canteens

1 Frag grenade4 mini smoke canisters

Indigenous ruck with:Bandoleer with 120, 5.56 rds. (Total 642, 5.56 rds.)

100 -7.62 machine gun rds.

Grenades- 6 frag, 1WP and 1 smoke

Mines- 1 Claymore, 6 Toe poppers1-60mm Mortar rd.

Medical supplies, meds, dressings, cravats, 1 IV and 1 serum albumin

3 sand bags

4 indigenous rations, 1 can fruit cocktail Pockets:

20 – Eldest Son, Ak-47 rds

.1 hydrated Indigenous rationStrip map


  1. Ok, I appreciate that these guys were likely to get into some serious shit, but you need to be able to move as well as shoot. That’s a helluva lot of weight to be schlepping through tropical heat, humidity and terrain.

    • they were just in better shape than you and me.

      one thing to remember was that if they got into heavy contact, they dropped their packs with most of that stuff in it and ran like mad bastards

  2. I recall an author describing the Recondo School running regimen all performed with a full loadout of loaded magazines. Sounded punishing.

    Any idea what the sand bags were for?

    • He said that was his load out for hatchet force missions too, the hatchet force missions were company and platoon sized and they would go out for longer periods. The sandbags were used like you would in a regular infantry unit out and about. For the nightly fighting positions. I should have mentioned that in the post I guess.

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