SW9F Re-Incarnated as a Glock


Hat tip to Luis for finding this one.

Hello I recently ran into this SW9F parts kit sans frame for $120 and couldn’t resist the chance to resurrect it and make it live again.

As many of you know Glock and S&W were in a heated battle for supremacy of the handgun market in the early 1990’s and when Glock “Borrowed” the 40 S&W cartridge for their new Glock 22 I think S&W decided to “Borrow” some of the design aspects of the Glock line and came out with the first of the Sigma series pistols.

This conversion takes advantage of that “Borrowing” as it allows the installation of the S&W slide and barrel onto a Glock style frame with almost a perfect fit!

I built this pistol on a Glock Style Polymer 80 PF940CL frame that incorporates a Glock 17 length slide on a 19 length grip. In my opinion what the Glock 19X should have been!

I originally wanted to fit the S&W frame parts into this frame, but that proved to be somewhat of a challenge as the SW9’s trigger housing was just too different from that of a Glock’s.

So I modified the striker and converted the slide to actuate a Glock style disconnector that pushes sideways instead of down like a S&W does. Here is the finished pistol and a picture of the slide and striker mods.

Enjoy. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Someone asked him why go through all the effort. His response.

Because I wanted to resurrect a pistol from the grave!

Some liberal PD probably ordered it cut up and sold for scrap.

I rescued the parts and now they live again as a new gun!

When asked how it shoots.

Yes so far 100% function. Shoots a little high in my opinion.

As far as recoil it feels like any other polymer framed pistol I have shot.


  1. Awesome. I remember hearing early Sigma barrels would fit a GLOCK, and CDNN is selling SW9VE stainless barrels for $20 right now. I had wondered if something like this would work.

  2. What does one need besides the p80 frame to convert a Sigma 40 ? That image of the slide shows some modification or is that damage? I have seen other posts of people unsuccessfully trying to mount the SW slide on a p80 frame so I am interested in more detail.

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