The Army Send It’s Best To Defend Capital



  1. Devil’s Advocate: They put the optic under the barrel *just for transport* to make it more compact in whatever container it was transported in? That way, the optic wouldn’t have to be in another bag/container and possibly get lost while separated.

    At least, that’s what I dearly hope.

    • Kestrelbike, you bring up a good point. If M4’s are being transported in Pelican cases sometimes you have to improvise to make them fit, since leaving them loose in the case results in the optic being damaged when the rifles shift. I’ve had to do that on a few deployments.

      On the other hand, I have to agree with Shawn on the fact this “Soldier” is representative of an idiot. I base this off a few details in the pic if you look closely:

      1. That ACU pattern web gear while wearing OCP’s screams conventional troop REMPF.
      2. If this kid had reversed his optic for transport, he would have put it on properly “before” the last movement to the deployment zone. This would have been during the PCI’s by the Squad Ldr/Plt Sgt in a conventional unit…which brings up the subject of failure in leadership to perform PCI’s.
      3. Look closely at that optic, it resembles an M68 Aimpoint CCO, but it is not. M68’s have a 2 piece (or 3 if the spacer/riser is used) clamping system around the body of the optic and they don’t have bright white markings on top like the optic in the pic. An M68 also has a raised flat section on the body just behind where the clamp mounts
      4. Look at the safety, it’s ambidextrous. The Army did start a PIP for ambidextrous safeties I think around the end of 2018, but the Army is about as efficient as a chicken wire canoe. To top it off, the National Guard troops equipment falls at the end. I highly doubt that “Soldier’s” M4 safety was supplied and installed by the OMS or SASC.

      Add up 1, 2, 3 and 4 and you get some “Tacticool” idiot that installed his own unauthorized $25 imported optic (upside down) and his own unauthorized ambidextrous safety that is in all likelihood a semi-auto safety on an M4 or M4A1. He cheaped out on his Tacticool optic that will fail with moderate use and doesn’t know any better to procure proper web gear in either coyote or OCP pattern.

      Pretty sure this kid doesn’t know a rifle butt from his own…but who am I to judge, I just work for Burger King flipping hamburgers and french fries.

      For those that don’t know the difference between an M4 and an M4A1, the M4 is semi/3rd Burst. The M4A1 is semi/full auto. A semi safety installed on an M4/M4A1 will not allow you to use the burst or full auto capability.

      Yup, another one of my long rants. Sorry guys, I just get frustrated when idiots like the kid in the picture make my military look bad.


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