1946 Remington Model 81 Woodsmaster


Today we have a beauty of a Model 81 Woodsmaster in .300 savage.


  1. That’s very nice. An old buddy and retired Texas hi-troller was quite fond of those. He liked the 35’s because you could assemble cheap plinking ammo using 38/357 pistol bullets.

  2. My dad had a similar model in .35,was left in one of the cabins by former owners of original house on land he bought,along with old Remington typewriters/some nice a fairly valuable paintings and other goodies which I now own.

    He did though when clearing out the original house on acerage throw out a box that was 2x2x2 full of baseball cards,this was in 1969 and as a little kid asked him to save them,no one resided in that home for over 10 years,sigh……,I might have been able to live off of them!


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