The Winchester Marksman Stock


Back in the day, Winchester made several rifles intended for target shooting and high power matches at the National Matches. The guns came with three barrel types, the “bull” a medium heavy and a one about like a sporter barrel. All three guns used a very well thought out wooden stock for match use in position shooting and off the bench.

As you can see above, the stock had a correct buttstock for use with match iron sights and optics. The forearm was wide with an accessory rail. This let you place the forward sling swivel where you like and add things like hand stops and whatnot.

Below is the stock on a .220 swift. On a side note I don’t know why the owner chose to mount the rear ring of the Lyman optic on the rear of the receiver. Such a distance between the two mounting point does not give a 1/4 inch click value on the elevation and windage nobs.

Several of the USMC rifle team Model 70s sent to Vietnam and used as sniper rifles were fielded with the marksman’s stock.

The stock was a pretty well-thought-out and designed stock. It lasted so long that later on, US repeating Arms Company used a synthetic version made by HS Precision with pillar bedding and block.

Sad to say the marksman stock is now long gone. With the end of USRAC and the move to ownership by FN all the good stuff joined the Dodo bird and Disco.


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