A Union Held Together By The Point Of The Bayonet


Politico reports National Guard units have been briefed to prepare for the very real possibility that extremists could use improvised explosive devices.

Guardsmen have been told some demonstrators could be heavily armed.

A Guard spokesperson declined to comment when asked about the briefing. 

“Our primary objective is to provide support to local authorities,” said spokesperson Tracy O’Grady Walsh, noting that the Guard’s mission during the inauguration is to provide crowd management, traffic control, parking coordination and medical and logistical support to local authorities. “The public’s safety is our top priority.”

Politico obtained an unclassified intelligence document from the Secret Service that warned at least one right-wing extremist group, Patriot Actions for America, “is organizing and encouraging a violent demonstration” on Jan. 16 at or near Capitol grounds. 

Fences put up to keep the people out of “the people’s house”


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