Cuban model AR10


I was fooling around on B-ARFCOM and ran across this interesting post form one of the members. Originally posted by member HHollow

It is Cuban model AR10, made in 1957. It has been very gently handled and not molested in any way.
I have learned several things after inspecting this gun.

  1. The extractor is not chromed, (all later variants are chromed)
  2. The handguard insulation is inferior to later Sudanese and Guatemalan models
  3. The handguard decays with age alone. Previously it was thought that firing decayed the HG.
  4. Zero paint on the grip.

Reed Knight relayed this tale to me when I first met this gun.

According to Knight a crate came to Armalite from AI having maybe 10 Cuban AR10s (of which he presently owns 5). When the crate arrived at Armalite some technician feared that the rifle’s engraving violated federal law so he took it upon himself to inscribe the country of origin (Holland) on to the magwell of each gun from the crate.


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