Michigan bans open carry in the state Capitol


A Michigan state panel on Monday banned the open carry of weapons in the state Capitol in the wake of the siege of the US Capitol and threats to storm the statehouse in Lansing.

The State Capitol Commission, which has jurisdiction over the Wolverine State Capitol, has shifted position and approved the ban following the unrest in Washington, DC.

“Bullets are bullets,” state Sen. Dayna Polehanki told the Associated Press. “There is no reason any gun belongs in the Capitol.”

“It’s absurd, the world thinks it’s absurd,” said Polehanki, who argued that the ban still doesn’t go far enough. “It sickens me that this is even being considered as a viable option.”

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  1. So, I assume that they will also be disarming the guards at the Capital?
    After all, “There is no reason any gun belongs in the Capitol.”

    Right, Senator Polehanki?


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