Close to half of Republicans Approve of Capital Hill Boogaloo


According to a recent YouGov survey, 45 percent of Republicans say they’re in support of the riot and believe it’s justified. That’s roughly 33 million voters.

Infographic: Nearly Half of Republicans Approve of Capitol Riot | Statista

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As YouGov notes, the partisan difference in support could be down to differing perceptions of the nature of the protests.

While 59% of voters who are aware of the events at the Capitol perceive them as being more violent than more peaceful (28%), the opposite is true of Republicans. By 58% to 22%, Republicans see the goings on as more peaceful than more violent.

Democrats are swiftly moving to draft articles of impeachment against Trump before his term ends in less than two weeks. The party is also hoping to implement the 25th amendment, which would have two-thirds of Congress vote to remove Trump from office and install Vice President Pence for the remainder of the term. Both appear unlikely to gain enough Republican support, but huge cracks within the GOP are emerging following the Capitol attack as anger builds across both parties.

Those on both sides of the dispute are at odds in their descriptions of those currently occupying the US Capitol.

About half (52%) of voters agree with the “extremist” label, the most commonly selected of all the terms we put to respondents (but the split between Republicans and Democrats is vast). Nearly as many (49%) think “domestic terrorists” is an appropriate title, and 41% consider them “criminals.” 


  1. The object of their impeachment is not so much to remove him from office, as to prevent him from ever holding any kind of Federal office in the future.

    Personally I think it would be hilarious if he would change his permanent residence to Florida, and run for Senate or preferably the House of Representatives and take the Speakership from Nancy. There isn’t enough popcorn on the planet for that kinda show.

    • First off, they are going to hound him and his kids to the grave. There will be now “strange newfound respect” for President Trump like they did for Bushitler, oops, I mean respected elder statesman Former President George W Bush.

      Secondly, the elites in this country are *not* going to let anything like President Trump happen again. The three-letter agencies pulled out all the stops to stop Trump in 2016 but they screwed it up. They had to hustle even harder in 2020, and it shows. Trump being Trump, it doesn’t look like he really did anything in 4 years to enable the rise of another Trump.

      All that to say, well, I’m not gonna say words that will get me or Shawn in trouble, but Epstein didn’t kill himself. They are *not* gonna screw this up again.

      • Yeah, they are.

        They’re already doing it. And, by “screwing it up”, I mean they’re making it blatantly obvious what they’re doing, what they’re scared of, and what the stakes are. Where that ends? I don’t know, but it ain’t going to be anything close to what they imagine it will be.

        These people are, fundamentally, incompetent. Even the most venal and corrupt of the Tammany Hall politicos, back in the day, had the good sense to make damn sure that they provided good value for the money. These idiots can’t even figure that out, so what does that tell you?

        Seriously–When the machine politics can’t keep the human feces off the streets, that’s not a sign that they’re going to be here for the long term. People are going to get tired of it all, and then the real feces will hit the fan. This crap with the COVID lockdowns? All it is really doing is stoking the fires, and the dummies who think they’re in control of all of this are going to have it blow up in their faces.

        Competent politico types would have done all this in the background, and you’d have never, ever noticed it happening around you. Now? Who the hell can miss it?

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