Disappear Into The Gulag?


UPDATE Apparently GoDaddy Delisted ARFCOM but now it is up using the the backup. But who knows for how long.

AS of right now ARFCOM has been sent to the gulag for wrong think and having too many members with the wrong politics.

I have to note the amusing irony that B-ARFCOM got a Markorov round behind the ear after cracking down with some major self censoring the last 24 hours. They censored out of fear that the left would censor them.

Since ARFCOM used the Amazon servers this shouldn’t be any surprise. I’m sure it will be back up again before long but who knows how long it will last.


    • Kirk, the Left is running a purity spiral with no obvious place to stop short of all 75 million Trump voters. They could have held it to the people who entered the Capitol building, or even the people who went to the Trump rally. But they didn’t. So where do they stop?

  1. Just put a Colt Rail Gun ss on a O1911c receiver, MOAB. I thank you Shawn for the Colt porn and Karls creations and finds. TS never new how true bandaids aren’t a trama kit.
    Lefty’s fecal matter communication network will evaporate and I will laugh and dance in the dark. Howard Rock on! you down with 1/72nds.

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