Finland Receives South Korean Rifles


Republic of Korea Armed Forces


South Korean “MPK rifles’ manufactured by Dasan Machineries (다산기공) have been delivered to the Finnish Ministry of Defense. These rifles are issued to the National Defense Training Association of Finland (MPK), which functions as a voluntary citizen defense force / citizen militia. According to the article, the new MPK rifles are affordable, easy to shoot, and accurate, though not as much as Finland’s RK-series of rifles. They noted the rifle’s light recoil and its chrome-lined barrel’s ability to withstand cheap steelcase ammunition used for the training program. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, the MPK rifles provide a familiar platform for these volunteer soldiers. Although they are properties of the Ministry of Defense, they are classified as civilian rifles. As such, they are semi-auto-only and do not feature full-auto mode. Source:


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