Savage AR15 Lower


Over at my friend’s gun store today and he showed me some of the stripped lowers from Savage he recently got in.


  1. Well … it has some decent-looking beauty cuts here and there, but for the most part it looks pretty much like a typical billet lower.

    It doesn’t appear to have a threaded bolt catch pin. The photos don’t show whether it has a tapped hole for the rear takedown pin detent. (Granted that’s pretty easy to do one’s self in about a minute, if you happen to have a 4-40 tap and suitable set screws. Not everybody does. In any case a quick DuckDuckGo search didn’t turn up any specs … shrug.)

    While not essential to me, these features represent a value-add for the average home assembler, whether on a forged or billet lower; and for anyone they represent a smaller chance of an “oopsie” with a roll pin punch. Depending on the cost, I’d probably still go for an Aero M4E1 (assuming I could find both).

    But that’s me.

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