Armand Swenson Custom Rifle


I wrote a short article about Armand Swenson last year. A few days ago his nephew was very gracious enough to comment on that article and send me a picture to share. The custom rifle pictured. You can read his description of it below. I have asked Mike to share some more with us later.

My name is Mike. I am Armands nephew. Spent a lot of time in his shop and was the grateful recipient of one of his most famous rifles when he passed. His wife Irene gave it to me along with several of his metal checkering files and 2 walnut blanks. He was amazing. He used the make small screws on a lath.

The german mauser he built in exhibition grade myrtle wood in 243 international. It’s a 250 savage necked down to 243 or 6mm. He calls it a 243 international. I have never shot it since I dont have the ammo.we used to sit arround his shop and shoot german air pistols at tacks on cardboard targets. Didnt count as a hit unless you punched the tack through the target.. as a young guy he would bring a trunk load of guns to our house in gridley when they visited. I would be in heaven. I chose the myrtle gun my second choice would have been his bench rest 22-250. Those were his favorite. His favorite pistol was either the commander he made for irene or a plane 45 military he kept in a box very low serial number that he never shot or worked on. I am very proud he and irene were part of our family.
I still use the checkering tools. I use them to checker screws I need to hand tighten etc.


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