Some JC Higgins Pistols


These beauties belong to one of the fellas on the vintage page. I never been much of a fan of JC Higgins guns myself. When I was youn, my Dad and Grandpa had some of them and they left a lot to be desired. I had a shotgun and rimfire rifle passed down to me of the brand. The shotgun worked fine.

I am a sucker for some vintage stuff though and those boxes and accessories caught my eye.


  1. I’m pretty sure that particular model of “JC Higgins” .22 revolver was made by High Standard.

    I’ve had several “JC Higgins” guns through the shop. When I go looking for parts, I just whip out my cross-reference between “Higgins Model XX” and “Real Manufacture/Model #.”

    Most all the guns sold under JC Higgins branding were just less-finished but still quality guns from American gun companies like Savage, Stevens, Marlin, High Standard, etc.

    That’s a very nicely cared for gun. I’ve never seen a JC Higgins revolver. I think that might be a High Standard R-104 .22 revolver, which was a 9-shot, but I cannot be completely sure without it in my hands.

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