Sen. Gohmert Says Republicans Need To Match Antifa, BLM Violence


Some one in office finally said it.

If the bottom line is, the court is saying, ‘We’re not going to touch this. You have no remedy’ — basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you gotta go the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM,” Gohmert told Newsmax in a Friday night interview.

Hilariously, Bloomberg describes Antifa as “a loosely-aligned movement that opposes fascism.”

On Thursday, Kernodle ruled that Gohmert hadn’t sufficiently argued that he suffered an injury by any action by Pence, and therefore had no legal standing to sue. The judge didn’t consider the merits of the case in his decision.

Congressman Gohmert’s alleged injury requires a series of hypothetical — but by no means certain — events,” wrote Kernodle – a 2018 Trump appointee, adding “Plaintiffs presuppose what the Vice President will do on January 6” and “which electoral votes the Vice President will count or reject from contested states.”

Gohmert argued that Pence has the power to hand Trump a second term by simply rejecting swing states’ slates of Democratic electors, and instead choosing competing GOP electors when the Senate and House meet jointly to open and count certificates of electoral votes on Jan. 6. Election experts have said such a finding would create a major conflict of interest. -Bloomberg

Gohmert filed a notice of appeal late Friday, which was promptly dismissed Saturday morning


  1. Yeah. No. Just… No.

    Republican bastards got us into this mess in the first fucking place, through incompetence and outright treason against their own constituents.

    I’m not about to pull their asses out of the fire for them. They wanted this, they can suffer with the rest of us, and long may they roast.

    Gohmert’s comments remind me of Mao’s so-called “Hundred Flowers Campaign”, wherein he encouraged dissent and different schools of thought to speak out in China. It was actually quite the cunning little ploy, in that it enabled the identification of anybody who dared to “think differently”, and enabled the Party to identify them. If Gohmert is suggesting something like this, I guarantee you that it’s a false-flag effort, and as a member of the traitor class, he’s just doing his job and encouraging the nails to go ahead and stick their heads up. I further guarantee you that any fool who thinks that behaving like the assclowns of Antifa and the rest of the Democratic front groups will be tolerated and treated similarly to them is delusional. Such activity on the part of anyone not of the Democratic Party will be crushed by the authorities and in very short order, and with the willing cooperation of men like Gohmert.

    He’s a Republican. You can’t trust him to do anything other than act in his own narrowly perceived self-interest, just like the rest of them.

    They’re all crooks, and while I revile the Democrats for what they’ve done, I reserve special hatred for the Republican side of the oligarchy, which has spent my lifetime serving as witting accomplices and anodynes, drawing off the righteous anger of the public by acting like they were going to do something about all the bullshit going on in DC. At this point, the smartest thing to do is keep your head down, and ignore these disingenuous creeps. Pay attention to them, and you’re going to get killed doing as they suggest–Which is their goal. Winnow out the troublemakers.

    When the time comes to resort to violence, you’ll know. Right now ain’t it, because enough of the body politic ain’t cottoned on to the bullshit that’s going on. When the preference cascade does finally trip, you’ll know, and then you should join the queue to give these creeps justice. Until then, let them stew in the juices of their traitorous activities. This isn’t yet the time for action, although it damn sure is the time for some serious Irish Democracy.

    Fuck the Republican Party. They were captured by the Democratic kakistocracy a long, long time ago–Like, around FDR’s time. All they’ve done since then is lose gracefully, and perpetuate the fraud that they were any different than the rest of the traitor class. Creatures like Gohmert want my support, then they need to have repudiated the Republican Party establishment, and done something, anything at all, that was effective in ending the bullshit we’re drowning in. Instead, all they’ve done is profit off of it.

    I’m telling you now: Don’t trust them. If a member of the Republican Party stands up and encourages you to protest and dissent, all they’re doing is helping you skyline yourself so that their allies in the Democratic Party and the unelected bureaucracy can identify you and take you out. And, that’s the truth.

  2. This would make total sense if you replace the words Democrat and Republican with the word Politician and political. No political party, Democrat or Republican, wants or need your support. They all want your money!Kakistocracy is the perfect name for them all (/kækɪˈstɒkrəsi/, /kækɪsˈtɒkrəsi/) is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens.


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