Ukraine Snipex T-Rex & Snipex Alligator 14.5mm Anti-Material Rifles


I came across a story today on the ‘Defense Blog’ website that mentioned two new anti-material rifles from a Ukraine company called Xado Chemical Group. According to XCG, both rifles have been adopted by the Ukranian army. The rifles are called the Snipex T-Rex and Snipex Alligator.

SNIPEX Alligator

Both rifles are 14.5 x 114mm. The rifles have some design variances such as the T-Rex is loaded by placing a round in the chamber while the bolt is open whereas the Alligator utilizes a 5-round detachable box magazine. The receiver designs are slightly different with the T-Rex using what Snipex refers to as a ‘bullpup’ design.

Some of the design traits shared by both rifles is that the barrels are free floating and recoil during each shot and the bipods are mounted above the axis of the barrel and an adjustable monopod. Maximum effective range of both weapon systems is stated to be 2,000m.

Here is a video of the Snipex T-Rex.

Here is a video of the Snipex Alligator.

The Snipex line of rifles consists of the T-Rex (14.5mm), Alligator (14.5mm), M100 (12.7mm) and Alligator (12.7mm). You can see all of the rifles and accessories for the Snipex family here:

You can check out the Defense Blog article here:

Survival on the battlefield gets more challenging with each passing year. Military organizations around the globe are adding weapon systems with greater lethality and greater ranges. I have read about the U.S. military testing a 25mm anti-material rifle that shares the same cartridge as the M242 Bushmaster 25mm cannon on the M2/M3 Bradley family of armored fighting vehicles.



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