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  1. That’s something China, or Iran or some cringy antifa, nihilists or other Islamists are praying for right now. We’re pretty sure the government contains some [large number of] individuals we’d like to see change course in their lives; and blowing up or burning buildings in DC is not on normal happy Americans’ minds right now that I know of. This is cringy AF. The dude in the picture wishing for physical destruction is not representative of anyone I associate with. It may be a joke and it is a stupid joke I can’t laugh at, because of some that would love to see that happen.

    • Your complaints about jokes that twist your panties is the only thing cringe here my man

      It seems you are slow to realize that I am an extreme anti-statist. That includes our useless antagonistic federal government and all of their pawns and tools.

      • People that complain about “the state” simply haven’t spent enough time in stateless places, not enough stamps on their passport, or failed to think deeply enough about what they’re craving.

        • That’s weird. I have a city hall about 20 minutes from here, and a state capital about 30 minutes from here. Neither were burning in the cartoon.

          Maybe you live in DC? My condolences.

          Deep America can figure out how to govern itself, like our Mayflower ancestors did.

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