Some good SOG photos


A very cool photo of a SOG recon team after being extracted under fire by use of ladders. The metal ladders rolled up into a holder on the side of a helicopter and used when a LZ wasn’t large enough to land. The recon men would run to it, and snap his gear to it. No doubt less scary than dangling under a chopper on “strings” or the STABO rig.

Below is a Covey FAC with a pair of jets used to aid in extracting a SOG team being threatened.


  1. I would be last man on the ladder,then,if I pissed meself not harming other team mates.I will say having some jets with ordnance would calm me a bit,a tiny bit but everything helps.

    Just shows where there is a will/there is a way.

  2. Great picture of the Huns in their natural habitat. We don’t hear enough about their contribution.

    Highly recommended is Bury Us Upside Down about the Misty FAC’s that used F-100’s in Viet Nam. I’m too lazy to walk around the corner and get the author’s name for ya but that title should get it.


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