The Godfather Coda Film Review


So, Francis Ford Coppala didn’t get the film he wanted from “The Godfather part 3” Studio over control does the same thing as federal gov does. All these years later and he was allowed to re-jigger the movie into what he and the writer intended it to be. With a HD restoration ta boot!

If you are a fan of the series you will want to watch this. If you didn’t like “part 3” then you are going to like this.

The movie has be re-edited with a different beginning and ending some changing around of the scene and where the appear, some added restored material and some other stuff. It is a helluva lot better film. I prefer the ending in this cut much, much more.

Pacino is still great in his signature roll. The best moments/scenes in the entire saga of the three films is in part 3 and this new cut. For my money few things in the series is as powerful as when Micheal breaks down and confesses to Full Bird Cardinal Lomberto. It’s up there with when Mike hears his wife tell him she had an abortion. In the old cut, Mike suffers through the entire movie but in this one his past decisions really take their toll.

The restoration looks great. The colors are vibrant and it’s just beautiful. I love modern technology.

You can see it now in some theaters, on VOD or Bluray/DVD. Highest Recommendation.


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