Mauser MKB 39


I been following this IG account that posts weapons from WW2. Some rare and some prototypes etc. Sometimes he posts a lot of info to go along with the more oddball stuff. This one above is one he must not know much about. I sure never heard of this one before. Even a bit of searching didn’t turn up much on it.

I’m sure Watters will come along and give us some commentary on it including the name of the inventor’s pet dog.

While trying to learn more about it for all of our interests I did come across this other one.

The Stg 45

You can see some resemblance to the Stg 44 in. I don’t read whatever language is at this website, I can only read English and Vietnamese. Makes me miss Kevin. No doubt he learned to speak and read this gibberish in some Green Beret class or other.

If you want to follow him, you can see his account name in the water mark.


  1. Google Translate is your friend…

    In any event, the StG45 or Gerat 06 is a fairly well-known weapon; it’s the actual roller-delayed predecessor to the HK series of weapons.

    That Mauser thing, I’ve never seen before. I can’t find much on it in the Collector’s Grade book on the Sturmgewehr, either. I’d also point out that the nomenclature is highly suspect–an MKB 39 would have pre-dated any of the actual StG-44 prototypes, but the features shown are anachronistic for the 1939 timeframe–The Germans didn’t go to a pistol grip for their prototype infantry weapons in that class until after ’39–Everything up to then was still a traditional stock. The apparent gas-tap at the muzzle is consistent with the period’s obsession with not drilling a gas port into the barrel, though…

    My guess is that someone’s having fun with Photoshop, and that’s not actually a real weapon. Could be wrong… I went through that book on last-ditch German weapons that they produced at the end of the war, and I don’t remember anything like that thing being in there.

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