A heads up


As we get closer to Christmas this week I am going to wind it down a bit. You may have noticed that today. I will be sharing stuff from other places and of course doing any funny “FOOM” and “when guns are outlawed” stories I come across and interesting pictures that I come across and whatnot. But I won’t be doing any longer posts like the Civil War,,Vietnam stuff or any gun technical posts and reviews this week. That will be held over until after Christmas. The reloading posts will be popping up then.

That’s just from me, and it’s subject to change depending on how excited I get about some topic or other and want to bray about it. Don’t forget Howard is redoing the site net week. I don’t know how long that will take or what it will look like while he is working on it. So expect More whimsy for the next day or two. I won’t say there will be nothing on the 24th or 25th because I probably will put some stuff up. After Christmas, my usual habit of not doing much on the weekend. Then all the next week expect site overhaul. BY all means at least come to the site once a day though. I think the site is going to look great if it turns out like we have been talking.

Some of you asked about Tshirts. I have been looking into that more and I think I found a way to make that happen. Don’t forget there is always the Loose Rounds patches.

SHOT show has been cancelled for 2021 so there won’t be much of that. Just endless press releases I will curate.

If you have an suggested topics you want talked about next year, post in the comments. I’m feeling magnanimous due to the holiday season and will probably humor most requests.


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