1. Maybe we can get Ian to do a video on these facinating, and historically important, firearms that DON’T fire when you pull the trigger…

      • Oh, look, more industry cat-fighting and side-taking. Yawn.

        I’ve discovered that if one listens to almost anyone in the industry, almost everyone else who’s anybody in the industry is some combination of:
        A closet leftist/anti-gunner
        A wannabe Type-A
        “A fag”

        I’ve also confirmed that most of the people extolling the above traits in others do, in fact, have some sort of malignant neurotic personality disorder. That doesn’t make them wrong, or not worth listening to on other matters…it just means tuning out whenever the industry cat fighting starts.

        There’s a reason a growing number if us ignore “the industry” and just get payed by our clients to play with guns, while everyone else works themselves up about other people’s problems.

  2. The ignorance of the media about firearms is apparently boundless.

    Actually, I think they’re ignorant about everything. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a media report about anything I’m familiar with that was factually 100% correct.

  3. Wasn’t it John Wayne in the movie The Sands of Two Jima that said, “Life is tough…but it’s tougher if you’re stupid” .

    To that, I would have to say that journalist has a very tough life.


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