Die Hard


If you don’t know already, and you probably don’t care, there has been a debate on Die Hard being a “Christmas Movie” Controversy has raged. It’s right up there with smooth or chunky peanut butter, taste great or less filling or peeing through the fly or over the top. Looks like the director has even thrown in his 2 cents.

My criteria is pretty simple. Is it set during Christmas? Yea. Like Lethal Weapon. Another classic. Both movies did a lot to make the Berretta 92 popular back in the day. If you didn’t know not only do Bruce and Mel use the 92 in both films, but they use the exact same gun in both films.

This is the on screen gun used by both of them in both films. You can see how it has been modified for use by Willis as he is a lefty. The live-firing handgun that was used in both films has since been ‘retired’ to a glass museum case. Note the extended slide catch.

After the first Lethal Weapon, Gibson uses a 92FS for the rest of the series.

A fun fact you may not know is that Die Hard was originally to be a sequel to Commando. In fact most Die Hard Sequels were originally intended to be something else before being re-worked into Die Hard movies.


    • Christmas didn’t play a central role in Ronin (probably in the top 3 movies of all time, but not a Christmas movie)…it definitely did in Die Hard.

      Die hard is set around corporate Christmas party, which is the reason the main character is there, there is sigificant Christmas-themed music in the score, and schlepping around a Christmas gift for the kids is featured in the opening…definitely a Christmas movie.

      Contrast that with Ronin where Christmas is just kind of in the background occasionally…you really only notice it because there is caroling/choir music happening at one point, and you see some vague Christmas decor in the background. Its never featured in the main plot, at all…so NOT a Christmas movie…

      Ronin is actually a really good example of the difference between a movie that merely happens at Christmas time (what many argue Die Hard is), and a Christmas movie (what Die Hard actually is).

      • It’s very subtle, I only noticed in the last few times I watched it…the choir singing in front of the church is one of the few indicators that it is supposed to be Christmas time.


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