Yet another 3d printing post


Previously I talked about the Ruger 10/22 Charger

Looks sorta like this:

Shooting with a scope with out a constant cheek weld was kind of annoying to me. So I wonder what it would be like to try a pistol brace on this firearm.

Right now it seems like many braces are running around $200ish or more. At that price it almost makes more sense to register it as a short barreled rifle. I don’t want to spend that sort of money on this, nor do I want to get a tax stamp for it.

So how could I try a brace on the cheap?

Que up the printer.

I looked though the assorted files I had downloaded there was a buffer tube attached to a picatinny rail connector. It was packaged in the FUAC-11 files by DingoDaze, and they credit:
“The included buffer tube extention for stock or brace a modified picatinny rail connector from xz82net on thingiverse.”

So I printed it off. I think I used 20% infil, I don’t recall how long it took, but it cost me about $2 in plastic.

It printed very nicely. I set the end of the tube on the print plate so that it printed upwards with the mount at the top. The support material very easily peeled off. There was one zit of material on the tube that had to be broken off, but past that it was a really clean and easy print.

This print need a bolt and nut to secure the clamp. I took it to the local hardware store and I found that the model is set up for a M3 bolt and nut. But it need a 30mm long bolt, and my local store only stocks up to 25mm long.


I found an imperial size screw that almost work, but not quite.

When I got home, I remembered that I had a bunch of bolts and screws and stuff let over from my first two printers. So I searched though those parts but no luck. Lots of M3x25mm bolts, but no M3x30mm.

Then I remember that the Prusa printer came with spare parts. They saved the day and that kit had a space M3x30. (I think it had two, but I only needed one.)

I throw this on the Charger and put on a SBA3 brace and it makes for a handy package.

Unfortunately, it didn’t hold up long. Holding the firearm by the brace the Ruger fell off of the mount.

The way I printed this left the layer lines parallel to the clamps. The rail grabber failed along those layer lines.

If you look close, you can see how the rail grabber split.

Oh well, I’m out two bucks worth of plastic, and I know I like the idea the feel of a cheek weld on this gun.

I could print this with a higher infill in a different orientation to be stronger, or I could redesign. Or I could take the design of the tube and add it to a rail attachment I already have. I could just break down and buy a brace.

Not sure what I will do, but it is nice to have options.



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