Why, come on in!



  1. What do you do?!

    Why shoot the 18″ garden gnome next to your door of course.

    You know,the gnome filled with tannerite/steel balls/nails ect.

  2. Talk/bravado edge-posting on the internet is cheap.
    How many of these “these Feds r gon b reeel sorry if they come 2 my house!!!” clowns are gonna do a damn thing when/if a team of feds, with backup outside and a radio call away, helicopters with thermal cameras and all, shows up to take their Polymer80/pistol brace and haul them off to the pen and hand over their kids to some “LGBTQP” trannie/sodomite to “foster parent” (i.e. rape)?
    The answer is statistically Zero.

      • Yeah, thanks for the explanation, no crap.
        The point is it’s still pointless AT BEST. And when any fed even breaks a fingernail in the course of raiding an otherwise law-abiding citizen’s house, shooting their dog and an innocent inhabitant in the process, they will use these “joke” memes as evidence to convict of resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, assaulting a police officer, or whatever other catch-all charge they have ready to deploy against uppity white goyim subjects.

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