The 1964 Sears Christmas Wishbook



  1. Wow, that M1 carbine with the mini rifleman’s assault weapon firing frag grenades is like the coolest thing ever.
    Wait, RAW, on page 2 there’s a corner-shot… all this in 1964. I wonder what other military projects were inspired by the toy industry.

  2. Brings back memories, wow. I had the “Desert Fox” set, bought from the JC Penney’s catalog.
    Back then when my Mom took me shopping with her at K-Mart, I’d duck over to the toy section to check out their toy gun collection. I’m sure I don’t have to ask, but, stores don’t carry that kind of thing now do they?

    • Everything is either cartoony or a tv show tie in. Even innocuous things Like planes and cars) are hard to find in any kind of realism. Glad now that we just threw all my childhood stuff in the attic and left it. Now my spawn get to have stuff like this. Well not so much the guns since they pretty much just shoot each other or mom in the face within seconds of getting them so they’ve lost those privileges for the time being haha.
      Not too surprisingly the old stuff holds up way better that the new stuff.

  3. That’s before my time but I recall similar stuff from the,early 70s.
    Nowadays the best toys,are in Sportsman’s Warehouse and Wilco.

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