Pre war Model 70 in .375 H&H


Check out this beauty. This is a pre war Model 70 Winchester in 375 H&H Mag. One thing I want to point out is the barrel.

The barrel is 24 inches long and is the same diameter and taper as the medium heavy barrels used on the National Match Model 70s. The extra weight was decided on to tame some of the recoil after complaints. Because of the thicker barrel, the front sight is not the same height as other sporter front sights.

A good view of the pre war style safety.


  1. Shawn,
    That’s a gorgeous rifle, I’m jealous. One of these days when I win the lottery or come across some type of windfall, I’d like to have a custom rifle built in 9.3×62 on either a pre 64 model Winchester or Mauser 98 action. At least a bolt action is legal (for now…) in my home state of California.

  2. That .375 barrel was cut from a target barrel blank and generally referred to as a ‘straight taper’ barrel.
    Jeff Cooper owned one he purchased new as a young man.

  3. One more thing-
    Ever wonder about the old Model 70s in .375 H & H not having any cross bolt reinforcements? The pre-war and pre- 64s all had three (3) action and barrel bedding screw attachments. Plenty rigid. I have never seen a cracked old Model 70 stock in .375 H & H .


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