Shoot out caught on doorbell camera


Some urban “teens” having a dispute over the best war to cure cancer and set up a colony on mars .

CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — A deadly shootout caught on a doorbell camera tells part of the story of the dangerous minutes that claimed the life of a Kansas City man.

“At first I thought it might’ve been firecrackers. But then, I immediately knew it was gunfire,” Michael Gibson said.

According to Kansas City Police, people in two separate SUV’s started arguing, then they started shooting.

Police found the body of 21-year-old Deron Bandy inside the car that crashed.

“Everybody’s just a little shook up and confused. Because it’s just not normal behavior for this neighborhood,” Gibson said.


  1. Deron………………… my “racist” (i.e. fact-based hueristic) intuition, combined with Coulter’s Rule (look it up yourself) tells me this was yet another mysterious case of dindu nuffin aspiring rapper good boi ’bout to get dat college n turn his life around.
    Solution: more midnight basketball courts, gibsmedat programs, affirmative action hiring and college admissions wealth transfer schemes, Platinum Plan style usury schemes and First Step Act mas felon releases.
    Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

  2. “Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength”,perhaps Peter.

    I will say though do not celebrate “diversity”,or then you are guilty of “cultural appropriation”.

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