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I’m sure you are all sick of me talking about 3d printing, but I have I’ll have a few more post about it.

But first I wanted to let you know that we will be overhauling the site after Christmas.
Don’t worry, it will be worse in every way, and I guarantee that you will hate it.

For years Shawn and I paid for this site out of pocket. A while back we started using Google Adsense and we have done a little better than break even. Google loves to demonetize our content (mind you, they still run ads on those pages, we just don’t get paid). But as Google is anti-gun, anti-freedom, and anti-American, so we are going to see if I can find a better alternative.

Anyways, figured I should let you know so you can prepare your “You ruined the site” comments in advance.


  1. I agree with the fuck gaggle comment.

    That said,how about selling a looserrounds t-shirt(I’ll take one),perhaps a few “sponsored articles”which are fine if notated as such,and,those that can afford to drop a couple of bucks to site,I get many barely have 2 dimes to rub together.

    Anyhow,I look forward to you folks “ruining” the site!

  2. I use NoScript in Firefox on linux to try to block google’s feely tentacles. I’m pretty sure Google gets in anyway. Google needs a “great reset” in my opinion.

    • I been playing with the Tshirt idea for a while. even have a page set up on crypto fashion that was never activated. Im not sure many readers would bother to buy anything. even the patches of the logo I had made up never got any attention other than people wanting one for free

      The shirt would cost buyers about 15 dollars and would make us 1 dollar. And I bet we might have sold 3. And one of those would be my Mom r Howard’s Dad. That was kind of the ā€œ why bother then ā€œ part about it. But shirts are a possibly.

      • I am thinking for the shirt a basic take off from the top of page,including Timeline/Weapons Man,ect.

        Look,tis a great thing,you make a few bucks and get some free advertising/folks wearing a ice breaker with like minded folks(&atf),seems ,well……..,worth a shot.You should be able to get 20 a shirt,sure,still perhaps not worth it for ya’s but seems about right price wise.

        OK,how about this,get a M-14 and sell raffle tickets!

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