Canada Colt C20 Sniper Rifle


I know you are going to get mad at me for teasing this and then not giving you the entire story. I know a lot about this sniper rifle because last year I spent an hour talking to the Colt engineer/employee who worked on part of it. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about that cause I don’t remember much and that kinda of thing is usually not something ok to be shared I will follow up on that and see if I can. Don’t get your hopes up too much though. You never know though. I can say with finality that we won’t be getting one or even a version of it here. Sad Panda.

Manufactured by Colt Canada, the new C20 weapon is the Intermediate Sniper Weapon for CAF sniper teams.

It features Colt Canada’s Modular Railed Rifle (MRR-L) Integrated Upper Receiver.

The C20 achieved an average of .66 MOA over 144 five round groups, collected throughout endurance testing. All groups were shot first round cold with suppressor, using 175gr Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition.

Final deliveries are expected in early 2021.


  1. Canadian small arms seem to make a bit more sense than ours. That’s an odd thing to say considering they’re essentially the same weapons but comparatively they’re making more sense in the execution of it.

    Why did we never pursue beyond anecdotally slapping a collapsible stock onto the M16A2/A4? They did and it appears to work quite well for them. Why did they see the benefits of the flat top upper and purefleet optics issue before us? Even something as simple as green handguards because a big black stick does contrast.

    Now this C20 compared to the HK version we bought into. It serves the same function and I’m sure both will work fine within their limits. But the C20 has a monolithic upper which will be solid. A simpler gas system too. Put Colt Canada in charge of our small arms development and I think we’d be onto something.

    (I’ll reserve judgment on the PRS style LMT stock. I wanted to like the PRS personally but, in my humble opinion, it’s bulky and heavy for what it is. I never really used the adjustments on it having been so accustomed to just shooting the issued fixed and collapsible stocks. If you mount your optics right [and with a monolithic rail you easily can] it’s not really necessary. Just more junk to mess with or get out of adjustment. A tight fitting SOPMOD is all you need. My $.02.)

  2. I wish I had the scratch to by one of the 901. Tge few I have seen were excellent shooters.

    The HK is at the bottom of the list for cost, weight, and complexity.

    • btw, in Canada, this rifle (and all like it – AR-15s, AR-10s, all their “variants” plus a whole bunch specifically named) is banned from civilian ownership (as of May 1, 2020) even by licenced owners (who also undergo daily automatic criminal and mental institution order checks).
      Prior to this, this rifle (and those similar to it) were only allowed at designated & approved ranges, and to gunsmiths for repair. They are scheduled for confiscation on May 1, 2022. Some freedom and democracy right there. Thank GOD “we” won WWII, eh???

          • your spurged out mission to post shit on every article ,regardless of how unrelated to the topic it really is, leads me to believe you take your mission to redpill all 2 million readers way to seriously. It’s tiresome. and Im getting sick of getting emails to approve all your posts with links in them to other sites. Stop it. Stop spurging out like an idiot on posts about gun It’s annoying. at least control yourself and limit it to the news posts.

          • Like I said, I think you have some interesting content, and am in agreement with a lot of what you’re on about (e.g. Rittenhouse being not just innocent but a legitimate hero). I’m just trying to add relevant, but unfortunately apparently little known facts to various stories to fill in the gaps. Conservatism (or whatever name you want to attach to what we all know we are referring to) omits a LOT from its narratives and explanations as to what’s going on, and usually injects complete lies and diversions (e.g. China runs the US media and government, while totally pretending it’s not small hat gang). Knowing these is critical in correcting and in fact completely reversing course.

          • Nowhere in your reply is there a factual counter-argument to what I said (in this post/thread, or any other). If I did state something that is incorrect, I am willing to acknowledge that. You can call pointing things (as inconvenient/uncomfortable as they may be) as “spurging out” but that is like calling facts one does not like “racist”, “anti-semitic”, “transphobic”, etc. They are all variants of discussion-terminating cliches.

          • Spurging. He means you post A LOT. Not “a lot” but “A LOT”
            Kind of like the over analyzation of the word right now. It just goes, and goes.
            Decaf maybe

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