TX Response to worthless SCOTUS


I approve of where this is potentially going.


  1. I don’t know how we secede the way it is now.
    Too many people in red states are on Medicare..
    Medicaid..Social Security.. and other federal government programs that I don’t even know about.
    If we broke away from the Union,that stuff is gone.
    I would love to flush this current Govt.
    But how do we keep those on the current Govt programs whole? Because you will need the support of the people to keep up the fight..Try to rebuild with a new govt?And fight the current Govt at the same time?
    Or is this the reset?

    • I don’t think it would be seceding. Each state would enforce constitutional law with their state police. It’s not horrible. In fact, I believe our founding fathers would approve, since they were definitely against centralized power anyway. We’re beholden to the supreme law of the land, not a government. What exactly could the USG say against states enforcing the US constitution in their states? I do not think they’d fight it or try and stop funding for programs. California, Oregon, Washington and New York all have laws belligerent to the constitution and they get funding. I see no problem with states enforcing US constitutional law, and ganging up in opposition to a USG that does not enforce supreme law of the land via court rulings.

      • The founding fathers you speak of (they have skeletons in their closet that would shock the average conservative) committed treasonous insurrection against the ruler, but they won, and hence it’s not treason.
        As the saying goes: Treason doth never prosper, for if it does, none dare call it treason.
        The only crime in war is to lose.
        The rulers of the US, and all their arms (the US Government, courts, media, etc) will not allow or pardon rebellion. Once undertaken, if undertaken, the only outcomes are either victory or death. To expect anything else is foolish. You will never be able to logically/legally convince those that rule you to yield power. Power can only be taken by………….. well, you know……..

    • Agree with you on SS.. But, it can be handled… Texas is a oil producer. I have no problem having a tax on oil for this sort of thing. If Texas goes it on their own… The economy can grow by new industry that will flock to Texas …

  2. I see no evidence that state governments per se are in any mood to secede. This looks to me like almost literally whistling Dixie.

    As ForTheWin points out, it would be straightforward enough for state governments to just refuse to cooperate with federal officials in the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.

    Now, if a couple of Sheriffs have a sit-down with the ATF offices in their counties and let them know that confiscating P80 kits isn’t going to be tolerated, that would be something.

    • You are correct. No state government will pursue secession seriously. Some in a state government here or there, or some pundits/grifters might hint at it to gin up $$$ and interest, but no one will pursue it in earnest, for they wouldn’t be IN government/media/academia if they weren’t pre-vetted, compromised and/or on board in one way or another.
      The operation that Epstein was involved in (and he was by no means the head of it) was international in scope, and crossed all party lines. Call it a conspiracy theory if you want, but conspiracies do happen – yes, people DO plan, coordinate and act. That is what organizations do. The existence of the CIA, NSA, Mossad, ADL, AIPAC, ZOA are all literal proof of “conspiracies”.

      TX ain’t going nowhere, and please don’t bother sending your hard-earned shekels to Allen West. He talks a good game, but is as Kosher-certified as any other politician, Dem or Republican.


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