My Senator, Rand Paul blocks defense bill that would delay Trump’s Afghanistan drawdown


The man is indispensable.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday blocked swift passage of a $740 billion defense bill over language intended to stop President Trump’s drawdown of troops in Afghanistan.

Trump says he will veto the bill for not including repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which gives immunity to social media companies, but the bill passed the House on Tuesday in a veto-proof 335-78 vote.

“This bill creates 535 commanders in chief,” Paul said on the Senate floor.

The libertarian Republicans said “it’s hypocrisy” for hawkish lawmakers to support presidential power to initiate conflicts, but not to end them.

“They really don’t care about their theory of an all powerful commander in chief, they care more about perpetuating the Afghan war,” Paul said.

“Until recently, this chorus of voices sang of nothing but the almighty powers that presidents have as commander in chief. That is until a president arrived on the scene who wanted to reduce overseas troop levels and end America’s longest war in Afghanistan. Then the promoters have a strong commander in chief suddenly jumped ship and began advocating the opposite.” he said.

“This defense authorization bill could more aptly be called a bill to prevent the president from ending the Afghan war,” Paul added.

“The neocon advocates for unlimited presidential war powers should own up to their hypocrisy and admit that their love of perpetual war trumps their oft-stated unitary executive theory.”

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, whose father was vice president when the war in Afghanistan began in 2001, was influential in attaching the language to the bill.


  1. Speaking as an Afghanistan war veteran, public affairs member of NATO who thoroughly investigated all the good we, and the 88 nations of ISAF do there; I cannot put my stamp of approval on abandoning Afghanistan simply for the purpose of insisting we need to leave. Obama did it in Iraq, when we should be occupying the shit out of Iraq by now, spreading the goodness of western values. We have should have Army and Air Force installations all over Iraq this very moment, and base housing with full tours of duty there, just the same as how we did Germany, Japan and Korea. This notion of moving the goalpost continually makes the effort drag out, and makes it costlier than it really needs to be. The cultural relativists guiding this bologna insist “We need to allow the little girls in Afghanistan to go to school without having acid thrown in their faces for that crime, and we’re just fine with the Arabic Qur’an as the only subject they learn” (Ask me how I know, I friggin dare you) . The moment we pull out is the moment the whole thing goes to shit creating the actual waste you’re wanting for it to have been. The Taliban will resume and double down on their efforts of piety in the name of Allah and everything Muhammad stood for. All you “peace mongers” are full of shit, because you don’t know what you’re asking for. You’re granting tacit approval to the actual, measurable human suffering of an otherwise decent people trying to make their way in the world. They thanked us DAILY for our efforts, because the Taliban are the murderous Spanish inquisition 2.0, and they will not be corrupted by westerners desire for secular peace and freedom. Prove me wrong.

    • We’ve been there for 20 years. We haven’t won. Is there some magic strategy that we haven’t tried yet?

      If, after 20 years of fighting, the only thing standing between the Taliban taking over is the US Military, then isn’t that just an admission that we either can’t or won’t win?

      And if we can’t or won’t win, then shouldn’t we leave now, instead of a year from now or a hundred years from now?

      Afghanistan isn’t Germany and it isn’t Japan. Without Rome levels of ruthlessness, it isn’t going to be. So let’s leave now. Not later, now.

    • Who cares? They aren’t us. We aren’t them. Afghan or Iraqi or Syrian or Vietnamese lives and happiness aren’t worth American lives and treasure.

      I know exactly what I’m asking for. I’m asking for Americans to leave so the Taliban can take over, which they will do someday anyway, and do whatever it is that Taliban do. I’m also asking for Americans to leave so the Assad family can bring stability back to Syria. What does that mean for Afghan and Syrian people? I very much do not give a shit.

    • We’ll never be and have never been successful at forcing other countries to live like Americans. Accept this and learn to live with this.

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