1927 Argentine Air Force Sistema


A very nice Sistema from KGBcustom.com today.


  1. I bought one many many many years ago from either Navy Arms or Southern Ohio Guns (can’t remember which). The fit and function was pretty good for the most part…but. The but part was that the one I got must have had a slide with softer metal. The breach face had recessed to a slightly inward curve, so after firing, the headstamp area of the brass was slightly bowed out to match the curve.

    Not a big issue for people that buy ammo, fire it and leave their brass, but it didn’t work for me since I reload. With the outward curve at the headstamp area of the brass, only about 50% of the cases would fit in my shell holder when I tried to reload them.

    Had a friend in the unit that wanted a 1911 that did not reload. I refinished the gun with John Norrell’s Moly Resin, then showed it to my friend, who wanted it immediately (looked really nice after refinishing). I told him about the slide recess affecting the brass and he was still interested, but wanted a chance to fire the gun and see for himself before making his decision. We went to the range together and right after firing one magazine and examining the brass, he told me he definitely wanted the gun and we would no longer be friends if I didn’t sell it to him.

    Long story short, we were both happy with the transaction and he shot the pistol on a regular basis. I lost touch with him once he PCS’d to a different assignment, so I haven’t seen him in over 20 years. I would like to get in contact with him to see how the Moly Resin finish has held up over all these years.

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