This gave me a good chuckle



  1. By this I assume it is meant that 6.5 CM is the manliest caliber and it holds a number of world records?

    I jest, I jest. I laughed too when I got to 45-70

  2. 45-70: It ain’t beautiful, but if you want to get it done,… it will get it done.
    30-06: Still knows how the game is played and can still play it with the best of them.
    6.5 Creedmore: I’m not sure what it does that’s new other than shoot in a semi-auto. An old 6.5 Swede will keep up with it pretty well, and you don’t always have to be a minute man.
    308: Still hot!
    300 Win: Not sure I want to shoot that anyway.


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