Soviet veteran recalls their crimes in Germany



  1. I had heard that German soldiers went out of their way to turn themselves in to western forces when and if possible. Soviets were beyond vindictive

  2. As terrifying and disgusting as this story sounds, the GIs also took advantage of the population. It’s rape when someone is starving and you exchange rations for sex. “But they were so happy to see us!” was the excuse. Doesn’t fly in my book. I know this isn’t a popular view, but this libertine attitude led to the 1960s.

    War is dirty and ugly and its effects are long lasting.

    • ‘It’s rape when someone is starving and you exchange rations for sex. “But they were so happy to see us!”‘

      That’s not rape, it’s prostitution. “Consent” is far too thin a standard to apply to sexual relations. There’s a reason why every major religion bans prostitution.

  3. As the phrase goes, “Don’t want none, don’t start none…”.

    What the Germans did in the Soviet Union got visited upon them ten-fold in return. Too bad, so sad. I feel very little sorrow for what they reaped. The whole thing was nightmare example of what happens when two socialist totalitarian regimes collide, wanting the same thing.

    As for what happened in the Soviet Union? Hey, dumbass… Y’all were supporting the Nazis with cut-rate resources and God alone knows what political support (French Communists sabotaging the defense efforts in France going back into the 1930s, at the command of the Stalin-run COMINTERN…), and then acted all surprised when the vicious dog you helped create turned on you. Tough shit.

    You want my opinion, the Germans and Soviets deserved each other. Drill down into the “individual level”, where the innocents on all sides lived, and it wasn’t anything other than a horror show. The regimes and their fanatic supporters deserved everything they got, though.

    That said, I have to question just how many actual “innocents” there were in Germany. Despite denials, I think that most people knew what the hell was going on, and if they didn’t, it could have only been through willful blindness. A German woman I knew was a teenager through that era, and she freely admitted that the average German knew two things: One, that the troops were looting the hell out of the occupied countries, and two, that the Jews were being rounded up and murdered everywhere the Nazis could do it. Few of them had any issues with it, either–The attitude was, “Hey, the Allies did this to us during WWI, with the blockades and the reparations after the war… Let them starve, this time around…”.

    The only thing I think when I look at WWII, when it comes to this issue, is why the hell we didn’t do a better job of rounding up the truly responsible parties, and culling them. Including the Soviet Communists, who sure as hell did not deserve a fifty-year break while they aged out of any justice. It’s also why I say leave the old bastards alone, when they’re persecuting the latest “Nazi war criminal” in his nineties–Unless you’re going to go back and prosecute the assholes who led everything, and who were the primary beneficiaries, leave the low-level dudes to live with themselves. After all, you didn’t do shit to Kurt Waldheim, now did you? How about George Soros, who made his bones and a shit-load of money as a “trusted Jew” stripping assets from other Jews…?

    Very few of the “right people” ever saw true justice. In my book, we should have looked at everyone with a Nazi Party ID card, and run them through the same concentration camps that they ran the Jews through, and just added another layer to the ash-heaps in the memorials. If only as a salutary lesson to history–“Don’t do this…”.

    Of course, the Communists deserved similar treatment, but they had the good sense to get on our side, soooo… I guess they earned a pass. Stupid bastards. All of them.

    • not at all. I dont mind Peter , I would prefer he just be more subtle with his posting and calm it down a notch or two.

      I am sick of people who think the WW2 USSR was some how ” good guy” because they fault the nazis, when the USSR murdered more people and did a lot more damage than even the Bad Orange Man

      • I just wish he had something interesting to say now and again. I could write a script that makes his comments for him.

        The whole “USSR did more to stop the Nazis” stuff is just Connie propaganda. As Kirk points out up-thread, they were literally allies, with the Russians supplying the Nazis with fuel and other war materiel to attack the UK. The Comintern instructed its people in the US to shift from an anti-Nazi position to an anti-war position after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. What more do you need to know?

        As Kirk said, they deserved each other.

        • The US, UK, etc. were the allies of the USSR. They literally supplied Stalin (and his predecessors Lenin, Trotsky/Bronstein, Yagoda, etc) with arms, money, food, etc. The brief pact they had was not a serious attempt at avoiding war, merely to hold it off until a time when Stalin felt the USSR would have enough tanks to take on Germany.
          Don’t get too wrapped up in Communism this, Communism that. The October Revolution was funded by bankers in New York, Berlin, and London, and I’m not talking about ethnic Americans, Germans and Brits either, read between the lines. Trotsky lived in Brooklyn ffs, and his real name was Bronstein.

          Believing propaganda (not just at the time, but the stuff to this day) about the Third Reich is the same as believing propaganda about WMDs, Saddam’s involvment in 9/11, Iraqi troops removing Kuwaiti babies from ventilators, Serbs genociding millions of “Kosovar” Albanians, the wealthy Saudi and CIA-funded asset Osama Bin Laden hiding out in caves in Afghanistan, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

          The first unit that went into the labor & internment camps was the Psychological Warfare Division, I mean come on, LOL.

          Death camps with hospitals LOL. And of course somehow getting rid of 6 Million bodies such that they vanished without a trace. Let me guess, most of you still believe the lampshades made of human skin and soap made of human fat? Even the Yad Vashem had to admit that was a lie.

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