Uncommon Guns/Weapons Found In The Middle East Part 3


MPT-55 (Essentially Turkish M4/416 variant) captured in an attack 3 days ago, along with what looks to be a Aselsan Mini TSD E-60 thermal optic or similar. One of the first times I have seen a 55 (as opposed to MPT-76) captured.

In 2016 ISIS attackers killed 20 people in a cafe in Dhaka armed only with crude 22lr “AKs” that were locally made and knives.

1PN93-2 Gen 2+ NV optic for AK-74 for sale in Idlib

A collection of PMN pattern APERS mines (Very likely manufactured in Iran) obtained by the BLA in Balochistan recently. Which if you have never heard of the BLA, click here

These are used to target Pakistani forces, and cost $75 each from the Iranian black market.

Components shop

Carryover from Ukraine. POM-2 mines attached to RPG rocket in place of the warhead. Mortar variant as well. Allows deployment of up to a kilometer.

Ukraine’s other RPG mods


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