Fang Fang, Chinese sex spy


Amid her alleged operations, Fang branched out to other US cities and attended conferences as a way to further her network.

Fang engaged in a sexual or romantic relationship with at least two Midwestern mayors over a period of three years, Axios reports.

And at least two of those sexual interactions with the politicians was caught on by the FBI during their surveillance of her.

During a political conference in 2014, an unidentified, older mayor ‘from an obscure city’ called Fang his ‘girlfriend’ and reportedly insisted they were in a relationship.

Fang allegedly had a sexual encountered with an Ohio mayor in a car that was being surveilled by the FBI.

When the mayor asked why Fang was interested in him, she responded that she wanted to get better at speaking English, Axios reports.

Meanwhile, US authorities discovered through surveillance that she often visited the Chinese consulate in San Francisco.

US officials don’t believe Fang received or passed on any classified materials, but her ability to easily network made the case ‘was a big deal, because there were some really, really sensitive people that were caught up,’ in the intelligence network, a current US intelligence officer told Axios.

How Fang Fang the Chinese spy slept with two US mayors and targeted politicians – including one of the youngest members of the House – before slipping out of the US when the FBI came knocking
Fang Fang, or Christine Fang, was reportedly a Chinese Intelligence operative with China’s Ministry of State Security
She remained in California’s Bay Area from 2011 to 2015
Fang reportedly used campaign fundraising, networking, her charm and romantic relationships to get close with politicians
She helped Rep. Eric Swalwell fundraise for his re-election campaign and had interacted with him at several events
Fang also helped Tulsi Gabbard fundraise, and became well-known by California’s political scene
She reportedly had a romantic or sexual relationship with two Midwestern elected officials


  1. Once again, we see the utter incompetence of the FBI at work here. A major part of their brief is to surveil and apprehend foreign agents on US soil.

    Where were they? If she was enough of a hazard to warrant a warning to Swalwell, then why didn’t the FBI pick her up and interrogate her? Why is it the job of US politicians to find foreign agents in our midst?

    Of course two Democrat pols slept with her. Every foreign power knows the fastest way to gain access to the halls of power is to wave a piece of strange under a Democrat’s nose. They can’t help it, after all. They have no self control. It’s the reason why Epstein was so successful in baiting Democratic pols and ‘intellectuals’ with his underage bits of strange.

    • Bro, you have to break out of this rat maze they have the American public in. Left vs Right/Dems vs GOP, etc, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, they serve the same rulers. Nominal office holders don’t have the real power.
      Epstein had Republicans in the honey pot too ffs. (Note, the operation wasn’t Epstein’s alone. He inherited is from Les Wexner, and his #1 helper was Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of one of the founding fathers of modern Israel “Robert Maxwell” – look up his bio and his real name if you don’t believe me).
      Hell, even Trump was pals with Epstein. Trump’s appointee was the one that gave Epstein the laughable slap on the wrist for enslaving and raping young girls. Note also that Trump met Melania at one of Epstein’s parties, lol.
      Democrats, Democrats, Democrats. Buddy, the GOP is the same thing and has the same donors to serve, and has the same sexual blackmail hanging over their heads. What, you think Lindsey Graham isn’t having sex with gay prostitutes/sex slaves?? Come on, bro, look at the guy and listen to him speak.

  2. Weird how California Democrats get defensive briefings from the FBI when Chinese agents come sniffing around (Feinstein too), but the Trump campaign gets FISA warrants because the three-letter agencies think they *might* be talking to Russia.


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