Video Shows Bomb Attack On Michigan Trump Supporter’s House


A Michigan homeowner says he was targeted in a middle of the night bomb attack which left a hole in his living room likely because he is a well-known Trump supporter. He also has multiple pro-Trump signs and banners on his front yard.

Police and media have interviewed the St. Clair Shores resident, just outside of Detroit, after the bombing was caught on tape. He wishes to remain anonymous for fear of further reprisal as police investigate.

Stillframe of neighbor’s surveillance footage aired by WDIV Detroit Channel 4 news.

It happened just after midnight early Saturday morning and shook the house in what was initially thought to be a massive transformer explosion. 

After hearing two loud booms his neighbors also “thought a bomb went off” according to a local FOX affiliate:

Surveillance video of the incident showed a man running up to his house and throwing an explosive through a front window, according to the station. Another recording captured a man running out of a pick-up truck and throwing a second explosive

“We came out and there was a big mess here,” the homeowner told reporters. “Everything was smoking and I got on the phone and called 911 and they showed up pretty quick.” 

Watch: surveillance footage & local news coverage showing the two explosions:

media footage showed significant damage to the front of the house, clearly suggesting a powerful detonation, perhaps one or more pipe bombs.

“We’re thinking maybe because I’m a big Trump supporter,” the man underscored. “I mean everyone has people that don’t like them… but not to the extent of trying to blow my house up.”

Watch below: FOX 2 obtained security footage of a man running up to the lawn and throwing a device through the front window, after which there’s a massive blast and debris flying into the street:

more of his eyewitness testimony via WDIV Detroit Channel 4 news:

“Smoke was filling the house,” the homeowner said. “I went up told her to get out the house, ‘Grab the dog and get out of the house.'”

That’s what the homeowner said he experienced early Saturday morning after hearing not one, but two loud booms. We’re not identifying him, due to safety reasons.

“The explosion went off and it kind of sounded like a transformer, I guess, from a powerline,” the homeowner said. “And then another explosion went off and it shook the house.”

“We were really scared. I mean when you feel your house shake and explode and smoke, you don’t know what’s going on,” he added.

He further described that someone tried to kill him that night as the bombing was meant to set his house on fire with him in it.

The second device was placed in an apparent attempt to blow up a car parked in the driveway, based on surveillance footage:

Currently what’s very likely a politically-motivated terror attack has been ignored by the vast majority of the major mainstream networks and large media outlets, with the exception of Fox News.

“This sure looks like domestic terrorism,” one prominent media commentator and radio host said.

Local media coverage shows the resident has a large Trump 2020 “F*ck Your Feelings” banner attached to a front fence.

However, given the victim is a self-described avid Trump supporter, we don’t expect mainstream media and political leaders to treat it as such. Certainly if the story were flipped it would be receiving wall-to-wall national coverage.


  1. Domestic terrorism?
    Well, yes, it IS, but one would be a fool to expect even Trump’s own DOJ appointees and subordinates (they are ALL his subordinates – the POTUS is the top LE officer in the USA, after all, that is literally an enumerated power of POTUS) to label it as such or do anything to stop it.
    The only groups labelled “Domestic terrorists” are white advocates. Hell, even the Proud Boys (who have a lot of non-white members) have been prosecuted for defending themselves against Antifa (see the prosecutions against Proud Boys involved in the fight outside the New York Republican Club).
    What does that tell you? Has Trump done anything about Antifa?
    AG Barr (son of a , ahem, “convert” to Catholicism – take a WILD guess at his actual ethnic origin – who also hired Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher at the school he was running), Rod Rosenstein, and Trump himself, etc. they are all laughing at Trump supporters who get hurt and even killed.

    • In a way, the Trump era did indeed unleash violence on the nation (his base of support that is, actual Americans, who also just happened to be heterosexual white men, at least in 2016). From 2016-2020 the GOP/Trump completely abandoned said base for their true clients – Israel, Jews, LGBTQP, Blacks, etc.

      Don’t expect any serious action on this – unless of course the victim was a gay black Jew supporter of Trump. Then they’d call in the cavalry to deal with whomever did this. Hetero White supporter though…………..nothing.

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