BSA Sportsman Fifteen


One of the boys over at B-ARFCOM picked up one of these fine BSA rimfire rifles today and shared a bit about it which you can read below.

I found a BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) .22 LR Sportsman Fifteen yesterday.

As the name suggests it holds fifteen rounds in it’s tubular magazine. A bit better than 53K were produced between 1950 and 1955 making it it one of the most successful .22 sporting rifles produced by BSA.

In typical Brit fashion it has been through more than a couple of user modifications and refinishes.

The rear sight was removed, blank installed, and a Parker-Hale 16 receiver sight with a BSA adjustable aperture disk was added along with a Lyman front sight…..It also had scope mounting blocks on it but I removed those and plugged the holes……The 26″ barrel was cut to 25″ and D&Ted 1/2″ X 24 for a moderator. A P-H brass canister on the bottom of the grips serves to hold the extra inserts for the front sight.

It was not without it’s “warts” The P-H sight was frozen but a over-night soaking in Kroil and a heat gun loosened things right up to where it works properly now.

The P-H sights are overbuilt for what they accomplish but they are also very tough. Being all steel rust is their main enemy.

What I really like about the old BSAs are the triggers. Even on their lower-end sporting rifles the triggers are weight adjustable. This one breaks at 2.25# so I did not bother with it further. One difference with the BSA sporting .22s is that most I’ve seen have a two-stage “military” trigger…..I like the take-up on that type of trigger but some folks don’t care much for them on a sporting rifle



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