Anniversary of the Botched Broward County Gunfight


A year ago yesterday, a jewelry store was robbed by a couple of thugs.  During their getaway they hijacked a UPS truck, taking the driver hostage.  In late afternoon traffic, 20 cops (3 Miramar, 1 Pembroke Pines, 1 Florida State Trooper, and 15 Miami-Dade) opened fire on the UPS truck.  They advanced on it, using occupied cars as cover and concealment.  When the UPS driver tried to crawl out of the right hand side of the vehicle, he was killed by LE.  Another completely uninvolved motorist across from the truck was killed in his vehicle.

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  1. This sort of thing is why I’m A-OK with “defund the police.” And when I say “defund,” I mean take it all. Salaries, pensions, equipment, real estate, airplanes, cars, the works. No more money or toys for the boys in blue.

    For much of this year, police have stood around, thumb up their asses, watching riots/looting/arson in umpteen large cities, doing jack-all, while billions of dollars of damage has been inflicted on law-abiding taxpayers.

    What’s the point of having police? What are they doing, other than possibly providing personal security for their favorite political hack who signs their paychecks when the black bloc mobs show up at some limp-wristed polysexual politician’s house? The taxpaying citizens of this country can’t support cop salaries, pensions and budgets as they are now. What we’ve seen this year is entire departments effectively aiding and abetting domestic terrorism. What is the taxpaying citizenry supposed to think about this, other than “I’ve paid my taxes for what? Cops who don’t police, and teachers who won’t teach, that’s what.”

    Just on that evidence alone, we can conclude the police are useless to the taxpayers. So there’s the first article of indictment against cops: they’re don’t do what they’re paid to do.

    Then you see crap like that epic incompetence above, and we realize that some departments (especially the real winners in “Flor-i-duh!”, eg Broward County) are much worse than useless. What the hell was that UPS deal? What a cluster. Hostage dead, bystander dead. Who knows how many private vehicles turned into bullet sponges.

    They couldn’t have taken out the tires on the truck? They couldn’t get their act together to lay down some spike strips? If they wanted to go “get some!” they could have used some 00 on the truck tires. But nooooo… the truck, when stopped, is rolling on six very round looking tires. Utter failure right there, and I’m not even an Oakley-wearing operator, FFS.

    Then the second article of indictment: they start using taxpayers’ vehicles as cover. What a brilliant move right there. I guess a badge now confers the power to impress whomever is within reach into being a LEO’s human shield.

    I can see the insides of a taxpayer’s mind right now: “1, 2, 3 not it!”

    “Wrong! You have to get between me and Mr. Bad Guy! You are most certainly ‘it’.”

    Dead hostage, dead bystander. The cops involved get put on paid vacation (what the departments euphemistically call “administrative leave” but let’s call a spade and spade, shall we? The result is a public employee, sitting on his ass, collecting a paycheck. That’s called “paid vacation” in the private sector, boys…), then a couple of people who were not involved, but who are also cops do an “investigation” (which appears to consists of a couple of guys getting a bunch of donuts, bringing them into work, and then they sit around a table and play “ain’t it a shame?” while drawing straws to see gets to write it up in turgid bureaucratic prose), and the case is closed, so sorry, better luck next time, “let’s make sure everyone goes home.”

    In this case, that role was provided by the FBI, that agency of sterling reputation and exemplary competence:

    Whoops, no report yet:

    How long does it take to say “We were utterly incompetent?”

    OK, let’s cut the BS. If the cops aren’t going to care about bystander casualties, then why bother with these pissant tactics. Put on your Oakleys, 5.11 operator fashion statements and go full tacti-kewl! Mount a chain gun on a helo, fly over the UPS truck (or other subject vehicle), put the pipper on the subject vehicle and light it up. It would look soooo much more Hollywood. Poof, done deal, call the road department to patch the holes, “everyone goes home” and there’s less report writing and more gripping footage for the gore whores on the news channels. Hell, if there’s a big enough explosion caught on film for the evening news, the pilot might get a hummer out of the lead Gore Whore who wears a push-up under a snug sweater, in return for the bump in ratings.

    Sorry, my cynicism is reaching levels of about 27.18282 on a scale of 1 to 10 recently.

    • I’m coming around to this view. I live in a place that can form a committee of vigilance, and I bet we’d see a lot fewer car break-ins if we did.

      Anyplace that even vaguely resembles civilization has something like a police force. Even CHAZ got one in the 3 or so weeks it existed. Will it be a good one or a bad one? Depends. I happen to think our police are pretty good compared to some of the alternatives, but if they’re not going to do their jobs, I’m open to just returning it to the people.

  2. I’ve been telling my cop friends and acquaintances for years that they need to start paying attention to what’s going on inside their house, but they’ve constantly and consistently blown me off, telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that there isn’t a problem, and that I just don’t understand.

    Everything I predicted is coming true, and they did it all to themselves. I really don’t feel sorry for them, at all.

    The rest of us, though? We’re all about to get screwed over, and hard, as society readjusts how it handles the necessary role of social conduct standards enforcement. Look for a lot more vigilantism, a lot less “justice”, and a bunch of dead people. Including a bunch of cops who are going to try to enforce the “old ways”, and wind up dead because of it.

    I’ll also venture a prediction: All those Black Lives Matter types? They’re gonna look back at this era of publicly financed and accountable law enforcement as a lost golden age, because I can guarantee you that all those “young black male” youthful offenders are suddenly going to start getting shot to death, instead of going to jail. And, likely, a large number of the people doing the shooting are going to be hired thugs from within the black community, who’re going to get a huge payday for eliminating them.

    Also, the Antifa types? They’re going to learn, the hard way, what really, really sucks about anarchism–When there are no authorities to “look the other way”, then community policing by the community is going to take place, and that means if you riot, you get shot, scooped up, and then dumped into a shallow grave out in the woods somewhere. Or, you get a free helicopter ride.

    One way or another, the traditional American response to these situations will be resorted to, and that’s decentralized individual action. People are going to start getting shot for stupid shit, like speeding through residential areas. Cops won’t respond to take burglary reports? Fine; the burglars will likely respond to seeing their peers heads on spikes around their old stomping grounds, ‘cos that’s the way things are headed.

    The police don’t exist to protect the public from criminals; they exist to protect the criminals from the public. That’s not just an old homily, that’s a ground truth: The public cedes this stuff over to the state in order to ensure that there are no abuses via vigilantism and mob rule excess. Unfortunately, when the state ceases to effectively provide that service, guess what? It’s gonna be replaced by something that does work, and that’s gonna be an ugly, ugly transition. The people making it happen are going to regret the hell out of it all, when it’s all said and done, because an awful lot of them are going to die in the midst of the new order being birthed.

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