Germany 1945: Restored film footage by George Stevens


Original color film recordings of the U.S. Army show various cities and locations in Germany after the surrender in 1945. The pictures were taken under the command of George Stevens, a Hollywood director who later became famous for movies like “A Place in the Sun” and “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

0:10 Berlin, July 1945
0:33 Brandenburger Tor
2:40 Cologne, March 1945
4:09 Elbe Day: First meeting of Soviet and American troops on German soil, April 25, 1945
5:51 Berlin, Picture of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, July 1945
6:55 Munich, May 1945
7:34 Hofbräuhaus Munich
8:52 “Berghof”, Obersalzberg, April 1945
9:09 German prisoners of war, May 1945
10:33 Mittelbau Dora concentration camp, April 1945
11:13 Hanseatic City of Hamburg, June 1945
12:17 Port of Hamburg
13:11 Refugees on the way to Berlin, July 1945
13:41 American Beach Club, Berlin
14:18 Potsdam Conference, August 1945
16:20 George Stevens (1904-1975)


  1. Compare those scenes, taken so soon after the heavy bombing stopped, with pictures of modern-day Detroit.

    Then ask “why can’t Detroit seem to clean itself up?” Or ask the same of Baltimore.

    • Right? It’s amazing, their industrious-ness. If it weren’t for the destroyed buildings it would seem they were going about a regular day.
      Love the girl sticking her tongue out and doing the nose whatever it’s called. Surprising levity for the situation

  2. Great video…thanks for sharing that. The Germans lived in absolute devastation. That is what war looks like. We won that war because we waged war against the entire machine…the military apparatus, the industry and the civilian supporters.

    • “civilian supporters” huh? Women and children are legitimate military targets now?
      The firebombings the Allies perpetrated against Germany (and Japan) were war crimes that murdered millions of civilians, as were the mass rapes by US, French colonial troops (Moroccan Arabs) and their Soviet allies committed against Germans and Eastern Europeans.

      Absolutely disgusting.

      • My point had zero to do with women, children, etc. You are quick to be offended…I’m surprised you visit this website. Yes there are innocent victims. My reference was to those who were supporting the German/Japanese war efforts by following the applicable ideologies, providing material support, etc. You have to destroy the support system to destroy the machine. It is an unfortunate reality.

        • You LITERALLY said “civilian supporters”. Allied war planners specifically targeted hospitals, zoos even ffs, houses, apartment building, by fire bombs. These aren’t “precision” weapons, so one can’t even argue that any targeting could even be done on the basis of ideology/support, etc. – it was 100% a collective punishment tactic and in total violation of every law and convention of war ever signed. By that same logic, every single civilian in the US would be a legitimate target of violence since they are supporting the government (and thus the military) by way of paying taxes, production/labor input or simply moral support.
          MMMkay???? So by your logic, the Mossad-House of Saud funded and facilitated 9/11 attacks were legitimate. 3000 “civilian supporters” according to your logic.

          • You don’t know what I meant but thanks for trying to speak for me. Argue with yourself because I’m not going to feed your trolling appetite. Have a great day.

          • “troll” yet another thought-terminating cliche.
            Much like “nazi”, “racist”, etc., etc.
            Literally no better than the SJWs you conservatards (correctly) mock, yet you are essentially no different and subscribe to the exact same shibboleths.

          • Pete, you are now insulting a personal friend. and a member of the website. post your comment and move on. stop with the over the top red pill posting. either be more subtle or I’m going to start deleting your comments when you start getting carried away and insulting other members of the site or long time commenters. don’t be the guy who makes me start having to do that.

          • “Thought-terminating”? Using the word ‘troll’ doesn’t stop anybody from having thoughts.
            You know nothing about me or my politics so the rest of your comment is just a pointless shot with zero substance.

            Shawn…understood. I have nothing else to say anyway

          • Brent, please stop being intentionally obtuse. Yes it is thought-terminating, in that it is intended to terminate thought on the part of any onlooker/observer and terminate further discussion – exactly like the terms racist, nazi, white supremacist, etc. that I referenced. It is meant to shut down discussion and ideas, and is not an argument.

            One does not have to know another’s innermost thoughts and secrets to surmise what their general politics and worldview are, as a combination of lines of argument, terminology, opinions stated, etc can give a pretty decent triangulation. You have also avoided the things that I pointed out about your statement regarding the video (i.e. targeting civilians, or as you called them “civilian supporters”).

  3. To those who get their frilly panties in a bunch over the Allies’ treatment of the German population:

    Hitler brought this onto the German population. Hitler set the benchmark, with wide-scale firebombing of civilian areas during the invasion of Poland in 1939, the attack on Rotterdam in the spring of 1940, and then “The Blitz” on London, Coventry and other centers of civilian population in England.

    The British started responding in the summer of 1940.

    Nazi apologists to this day point a finger at the Allied campaign and try to accuse the Allies of war crimes. Well, guess what? When you’re in an existential battle against a monster, things are going to get messy. “Pete” is probably some pink-faced, chirpy little academic who has never had so much as a paper cut in his life. Talk to WWII vets and you find out that WWII was a fight to the national death for entire countries. After Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and others were crushed under Hitler’s advances, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that to stop Hitler, some harsh tactics and strategies were going to be used, because Hitler was using those very tactics.

    A great example was Operation Gomorrah, the bombing of Hamburg on July 24th, 1943 (and for several more days & nights). About 40K civilians killed, some turned into mere piles of ash. What was the effect?

    Albert Speer reckoned that if the Allies had the nerve to enact the same tactic on four or five more German cities, the German war effort would have collapsed, right there before autumn 1943. The civilian population would have been so displaced, that the domestic economy would have been in shambles, and that the men in uniform would have caused severe disruptions to command authority because their families would have been at risk or killed.

    In 1943, if we had killed (let’s make an estimate) a total of about 250K civilians in Hamburg-like campaigns, we could have cut the German civilian death toll for the war (which was a bit over 500,000 by the end of 1945) in half.

    Much like the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an attack that leaves an impression of true shock and awe (not the Geo. W. Bush nonsense, but the real deal) can save lives when compared to the “slow, careful” type of warmaking.

    • You have imbibed literally every lie told by the victors, sold to you with literally zero evidence (aside from Holloywood movies of course).

      LOL @ being an academic – people with my views on history, including credentialed historians, authors, etc. have been purged from academia, and even jailed and killed across the “civilized world” (fact-checking WWII claims is literally illegal in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., and is de facto illegal in the USA). So the institutions that you claim to not like (and the ones that you know on some level hate you) are the same ones who try to ruin people who fact check WWII. Why do you think that is??? Is it a “hate crime” or career-ending offence to fact-check any other historical narrative? It isn’t a career-ender to claim there are 72 genders or that the Sun revolves around the Earth, yet it is to fact-check the gas chamber claims via experiments and similar scientific scrutiny. Look up the Leuchter Reports is you would like (granted, it will take you more effort to go through them than watching a Jewish produced and directed Hollywood film, but that is the price of getting to truth).
      One can easily be an academic if one hates whites, particularly of the heterosexual/Christian/normal/working class variety, and if one is an LGBTQP sexual degenerate. Since I am neither of those things, I am not an academic in the professional sense. That’s called a clue as to who runs that institution.

      Look, pal, your country, much like Europe, has been turned into (and will continue to be so) into a complete mess – whites are already hated, discriminated against and will soon be a hated minority (see South Africa for how this goes), transexuality will be pushed ever more so, and literally every value you hold dear is villified and soon will be criminalized. Do you really think you “won” WWII?? Who do you think rules over you? You literally gained nothing for slaughtering millions of people on behalf of a people that hates you, who now rule you, and will wipe you and your progeny out.

    • How to wage a war of aggression on behalf of a genocidal tribe:
      -declare the enemy a monster and existential threat
      -call anyone who isn’t gung-ho on murdering and raping civilians a pansy/coward/insert-pejorative-here
      -fool people into thinking that said war is for the interests of their nation (rather than for the genocidal tribe that controls your country, media, financial system, courts, etc)
      -declare victory over evil and then jail/ostracize/deplatform/ruin/murder people who question the wisdom of going to said war, or the justifications for it, or any of the claims made by the genocidal tribe that actually rules
      -pretend that said genocidal tribe was the actual victim and (hilariously) pretend any member of said genocidal tribe that is too overt in their scheming is actually secretly a part of the evil monster enemy you defeated via mass incineration

      Remember, goyim, George Soros is secretly a…..ummmm……..Nazi……..or something……….
      Because Nazis are notorious for wanting Whites to become a hated minority in the cuntries their forefathers built and importing billions of non-whites. Yep, typical Nazi goals, amiright??????

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