Guests at the Brussels ‘daddy orgy’ where an anti-LGBT politician was caught breaking lockdown rules thought the police who arrived to break up the party were part of the romp, the organizer claims.

David Manzheley said some of the 30 male guests had ‘tried to unzip the pants of the policemen because they thought that the raid was part of the orgy’ after the event at his Brussels apartment was shut down last Friday.  

Manzheley’s guests included Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer, a married conservative politician who has supported anti-LGBT measures and who allegedly tried to escape through a window when police arrived.


While the orgies are normally entirely legal, police closed down Friday’s party because it was breaking lockdown rules, following what Manzheley suspected was a tip-off by a rival sex party organiser in Brussels.

I Just got a great idea for a new Broadway musical!

Belgian police detained about 20 people at the house party. Prosecutors did not name anyone, but said a man with initials SJ and born in 1961 had tried to flee the venue along a gutter. lol

Authorities said he was found with narcotics in his backpack, but Szajer denied taking drugs and said he had offered to take a drugs test at the scene but police did not carry one out. ” I don’t take them ma, I brought them for everyone else to enjoy”. It is the giving season after all.

‘The police said they had found ecstasy pills. They were not mine, I know nothing of who put them there and how. I told that to police,’ he said in a statement. “who’s pants are these!?” I’m sure there was a lot of not knowing who put something some where going on there.

Szajer was not carrying any ID, so police followed him back to his apartment where he showed his diplomatic passport and claimed immunity. The ruling class are all the same aren’t they.

Two others at the party also claimed immunity, one with the initials DO who was born in 1977 and the other with initials PB, born in 1987, police said. They did not give any more details.          

Manzheley did not know everyone there but recognised Szajer subsequently, he said. Guests at his parties would undress on arrival, some of them donning fetish gear, he said.

When the media gives you too much info.


‘We have Christmas coming. People are thirsty for meetings… It is absolutely normal that guys in the gay community are going to be searching for solutions to meet,’ he said.

I am too far above taking advantage of wording in the sentence above to make low brow jokes.

‘We don’t sit around drinking tea. People are here for sex,’ Manzheley said. Very cosmopolitan.


‘Suddenly my whole living room was full of cops,’ he told the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper in a separate interview.

‘They immediately started shouting: ‘Identity card! Now!’ But we weren’t even wearing pants, how in God’s name could we quickly conjure up our identity card?’

How in God’s name indeed.



  1. Well, say this for the guy, he had the decency to resign. That’s a lot more decency than many American pols.

    Sucks when you get outdone in the decency department by a dude who jumped out the window at a gay fetish orgy. Maybe he suddenly remembered he was gonna go hike the Appalachian Trail.


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