Virtual SHOT Show 2021


The National Shooting Sports Foundation which hosts SHOT Show each year has announced that they plan to host a virtual version of the annual trade show.

Introducing SHOT Show On Demand

Nothing can truly replace the experience of the SHOT Show® in Las Vegas. While the show won’t be taking place in person this year, it doesn’t mean NSSF® can’t help you source new products and equipment and connect with the thousands of manufacturers with available inventory to meet your needs. NSSF is pleased to announce the upcoming launch this January of SHOT Show On Demand, a digital platform that will provide retailers, range operators, law enforcement and armed forces representatives the ability to discover many of the products and meet with many of the exhibitors who were scheduled to be on display at our in-person event. Many of these manufacturers and service providers can’t be easily found through traditional distribution channels.  

In addition, SHOT UniversityTM and a selection of Retailer Seminars will be available for you online, providing important industry updates and training to keep you operating successfully in the coming year.

We are currently finalizing the design and programming of SHOT Show On Demand, so more details will be available in the coming weeks. For now, mark your calendars this January 18-22, 2021, so you don’t miss your opportunity to meet one-on-one online with manufacturers.

Features of SHOT Show On Demand include:

• Searchable Online Directory of more than 2,000 exhibitors and their products

• New Product Gallery

• Schedule Appointments: Attendees will have the ability to schedule virtual meetings with SHOT Show exhibitors during SHOT Week and to communicate through private messages.

• Digital News: SHOT Show On Demand will be sending the always popular SHOT Daily through email and highlighting other publications throughout SHOT Week which feature some of the hottest new product announcements.

• On TV: SHOT Show has partnered with Outdoor Sportsman Group to provide “live” coverage on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel to make it even easier to hear the latest industry news and catch product highlights.

• Education and Training: Both SHOT University and Retailer Seminars will be available online for unparalleled industry training and helpful insights.

• And more!

Who can participate in SHOT Show On Demand? If you have attended a SHOT Show as a buyer in 2018, 2019 or 2020, you will be automatically registered for SHOT Show On Demand. A link and a login will be emailed to you in the coming weeks. 


  1. I’ve applied to get SHOT show tickets in the past. They wouldn’t even respond to me. Gave them my FFL and business license, nothing.

    Perhaps it was because I don’t prance around in Daisy Duke shorts with a push-up bra while posing with tactical gear, and the SHOT show people figured I would get enough airplay from their military/LEO crowd.

    Anyway, to answer your question, no, I won’t bother with them.

    • “…would not get enough airplay…”

      If there’s one feature that would be nice to have here, it would be a way to edit posts for up to ‘n’ days or hours after making them…

    • “Perhaps it was because I don’t prance around in Daisy Duke shorts with a push-up bra while posing with tactical gear…”

      For this we are all thankful, DG.

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