Some More Of My 1911s and Some Friends


The post about a few of my 1911s was so enjoyable I decided to carry it over to a part 2.

I showed you my newer Combat Elite yesterday. You can see it as the bottom pistol in the above photo. The top 1911 is one of the original Combat Elites. That one belongs to a friend who purchased it from another fellow around 20 plus years ago. You can see it had some changes made to it like the beveled mag well and ambi safeties. The after market grips have a palm swell that feels amazing. I have never found another pair that feels as good as those. The pistol is extremely accurate and shoots lead 230 round nose like a laser.

Above is a couple of Colt Defenders. The top one is mine and the bottom belongs to the same guy who owns the original Combat Elite. His is much older than mine. You can see the difference in roll mark and the older style “duck bill” grip safety. The Defender is an excellent subcompact 1911. I often use it as a secondary pistol along with my main gun. Being able to take any mag that will fit a full size gun has a lot of appeal to me and my pal. The same mags can feed both guns.

Below is a very new Defender that belongs to friend of the website Alex Brook. The new Defender is very shmexy and I don’t mind admitting I’m jealous.

Below is a picture of my Defender in it’s latest condition.

If you want a subcompact I give the Defender my seal of approval. I have owned 3 and several friends own several Defenders and I have never seen or had one fail. Below is the duo as they were often teamed together for carry. You can see that when I find something that works, I don’t stray far from it.

If you been here long enough you recall the USMC M45A1 Colt send for T&E. I didn’t buy it myself. Howard bought it after the review. Having been a marine, it had appeal to him beyond what it did for me. I’m sure you saw it in the pictures of his holster review a few days ago. The gun is very accurate and is the model the dual recoil spring system was developed for. It is an early gun so it still has the “USMC” on it.

Below is a Delta Elite 10mm “Rail Gun.” Not mine but the same friend with the Combat Elite. A very cool gun. I imagine this would be a heck of a gun for shooing hogs at night. The railed 10MM uses the same frame as the M45A1 which is thicker and heavier than the original rail guns like mine.

Above is a blued XSE that once belonged to me and saw some very hard use. You can see I added a arched MSH with lanyard loop for it and tested it very roughly as a test pistol. Eventually I sold it to me old pal. In the picture above it was just tossed into water then had fine sandy dirt kicked over it. Something I often did in front of morons who like to think the “1911 jams” meme is true. A lot of 25-year-old internet “expurts” learned an important lesson from this gun.

Below is a USGI M1911 that belongs to the Father of one of the sometimes writers to the website. We have shot it and its great. Wh wouldn’t it be?

Below is the same gun from above with his own 1911 which is a 1911 frame with a commercial 1950s era slide and below them my gov Model.

It is very, very rare that I run into a 1911 not made by Colt that I like. The Inland Mfg 1911s really impressed me. The first one is their competition model. And it really is a full decked out comp model that is more like a custom-production gun than just a factory gun. It’s not all that attractive to my eye but it’s what’s inside that counts the most on this one. Below it is the Inland USGI M1911A1. A better gun and a better deal than the Springfield USGI version. I’m telling you, if you want a “MILSPEC USGI clone, do not sleep on the Inland.

Below is the original M1991A1 Colt. Brought out as a more affordable government model that is a mix of the USGI 1911 and 1911A1, it was parkerised and had the series 80 system. A very good gun that I would buy right now if they still made them just like this. Or I could find one used. This one belongs to my buddy , Burian who is a class 3 dealer and runs Tug Valley Armament. He has owned this one since they hit the market and still carries it.

Below is my series 70 Gold Cup National Match. What can you say ? Very accurate and very nice.

This is a Colt Custom Super .38 I bought for my Dad. He really wanted this one. Great BBQ gun or sidearm for an El Jefe. It is all mirror polished stainless steel. Even the floor plates on the magazines were polished to a mirror finish.

Hopefully I can get some more pictures from my friends and we can carry this over to a part 3.


  1. Bought a 1911 style Colt .380 all stainless Govt. model new back in ’86 for the FFL price which I no longer recall. Wish I had kept it because good ones used are well over $1,000. Oh well…


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