The latest version incorporates SIG SAUER BDX technology and can record both video and images in eight different color palettes featuring customizable fixed reticles that are configured from the BDX mobile app.

The ECHO3 offers 2-12 magnification. Via the BDX Enabled WiFi/Bluetooth, the customizable Active Reticles change with KILO Rangefinder input. The sensor is an Uncooled 320×240 12µ VOx LWIR Core Operating at 30Hz.

The eight different color palettes and six brightness settings are simple to swap.

It uses 2 x CR123A batteries, offering six hours of runtime. It is also waterproof to IPX6 standard. Incorporates MOTAC (Motion Activated Display) to power up when the sight senses motion.

Designed and assembled in the USA.


  1. Question: How do you know someone is looking at you with this optic?

    Answer: You see the optic on WiFi and/or BlueTooth.

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Tell the child engineers to sit down, STFU and start listening to their customers before they festoon everything with the capability to talk to their goddamn phone.

    We just bought a new pellet grill smoker. I laughed at the “WiFi/BlueTooth Control!” bullshit until I noticed that they had put the interface to control the grill at the grill so low on the outside of the pellet box that I have to literally get down on my knees to use the control on the grill.

    Goddamn kids. They all need their phones taken away from them for a few years.

    • I get what you’re saying – my wife’s new electronic c toothbrush has Bluetooth – WTAF?

      In this case, the Bluetooth allows the scope and laser rangefinder to talk to your phone and do their ballistic wizardry. A buddy has one of the conventional scope packages and it’s pretty impressive. The Bluetooth range isn’t long so detecting a shooter pointing one at you would have less to do with seeing it on your available connections and more the fact that they’re standing there, pointing it at you.

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