It will be instructive to see who gets it



  1. Anyone who has walked through the small markets in Tokyo and seen what the Manga racks display, at children’s eye-level, knows what is going on here.

    In Japan, their porn can have some of the most bizarre, twisted, sick S&M shit in full view, but the naughty anatomical bits are pixilated out. Don’t pay any attention to cartoon women with their breasts wound with lamp cord, or the Mangas depicting rape, (and sometimes rape by aliens that are a cross between Ted Kennedy and an octopus) sitting right there in the grocery market next to the candy… as long as the tingly bits are pixilated out, it’s A-OK.

    The first night I was in Tokyo, I got in from dinner and a couple drinks out on the town, turned on the TV in my room, and the TV was set to a channel where 13 to 15-year old girls were taking bids from older men to go on dates. Ooooohhhhkay, let’s turn that right off and be done with that. Didn’t turn on the TV again while I was there.

  2. I should add this:

    While we (my fellow western engineers and I) were in the Akihabara District (which is like a huge consumer electronics bazaar, both out in the streets and inside the buildings – imagine a place where you can buy everything from SMT resistors and IC’s in bulk, to the latest “smart” toilet that can take all your vitals whilst you’re sitting on it), and it’s filled with Japanese nerds and nerdettes.

    While we were there, a couple kids (maybe 13) go riding by on bicycles with what looked like M-16’s, complete with 20 round mags, slung over their shoulders. The Japanese people there thought nothing of this at all. We North American engineers (yours truly, the Uber-gun-nerd among them all) whipped our heads around, watching these two boys, with these rifles on their shoulders, ride through a crowd that didn’t bat an eye.

    No orange/red plug in the muzzle, no nothing. They looked like A2 M-16’s at a glance – size, features, everything looked like a real A2.

    A Japanese engineer who knew English saw our amazement and quickly said “No real. Air-soft.”


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